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In many places, the Body of Christ-as the local church-has the vision to reach the least-reached. They often have access too, living near least-reached people groups and sharing common or related languages, cultures, socio-economic status, etc. These churches also have the primary resource for outreach-their own people.

As we engage in conversation with churches that are interested in our services, we always want to know what vision they have for reaching least-reached people. We are not there to do the work for them, but to help equip their own gifted leaders to do the teaching, training and coaching for their near-culture workers. Together we learn and grow.

Global Disciples comes alongside to help the local church mobilize its people. We train ordinary men and women, young and old, to share the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches among least-reached people.

It starts when a group of cooperating churches chooses a person to lead the training. Global Disciples then trains this director with a proven, effective model that will equip others in discipleship, small business, or leadership.

We see these three aspects of training as interlocking parts in a greater strategy to multiply disciples and churches among least-reached people.

A group or cluster of churches can start with one and add the other two. When all three trainings work together, we see the most significant and lasting multiplication.

The Global Disciples model is…

Locally Owned Locally Owned

All discipleship-mission and leadership programs are owned and operated by indigenous local churches. Global Disciples requires at least 3 churches (congregations, fellowships, denominations, etc.) to launch and fund a training program. This promotes local accountability, increases potential for support, and broadens the level of engagement. Program directors and master trainers are selected from the supporting churches and then trained by Global Disciples.


The discipleship-mission and leadership model can be reproduced by those who’ve participated in the training. So “graduates” who plant churches can reproduce the discipleship-mission training with the new believers in their churches, equipping and sending out a new “wave” of disciple-making church planters. A growing number of Global Disciples-affiliated programs now have “daughter” programs, and even a few “granddaughter” programs. This facilitates rapid multiplication and increases impact.

Locally Sustainable

All programs affiliated with Global Disciples are supported primarily through their local church. Leadership programs are self-funded from the beginning; discipleship-mission programs are fully supported by local resources within 4 years. The indigenous local cluster or group of churches supports the program by providing 51% of the first year’s budget. Once that’s met, Global Disciples offers seed funds for the remaining 49%. Each year, the percentage contributed locally increases, and the percentage from Global’s seed funds decreases. By the 4th year, all funds come from the local churches and supporting partners.


Does the Global Disciples model for multiplication work? Our 20+ years of experience says YES!

In the past year, we trained 411 directors and now serve 1,596 discipleship-mission, small business, and leadership programs.

Out of these programs, we saw 16,127 disciple-makers and leaders trained and sent out to plant churches in least-reached areas.

Their efforts have led to 3,213 churches planted where 77,560 new believers now worship and are being discipled.

Small business training equipped 1,331 disciple-makers to become self-sustaining, and able to support new churches and eventually additional training programs.

A year ago I trained 15 disciple makers for one month and sent them out. They were from 15 different border tribes. They planted 15 churches with 1,053 people who came to Christ. In the second year training, each of those 15 recruited 2 or 3 more people and I trained 36.
At 1 AM, 300 people came to kill us [the disciple-makers]. However, when they came close to our home they became confused. Then we ended up planting 5 churches in that area among those people who came to kill us. It is God who did it!
– Discipleship-mission Director, South Asia
We are working in 6 districts where it is 95% Muslim. In one week, among one of the unreached peoples, about 1600 souls came to the Lord and 14 new churches were planted.
– Discipleship-mission Director, East Africa
I am so happy at how the discipleship training has taken our church to a whole different level! We had 15 participants who went for outreach after their training. Now they have planted 6 new house churches, 8 new fellowships in different areas, and we saw 179 new believers. We baptized 60 new believers on Christmas Eve.
– Discipleship-mission Director, Sri Lanka
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