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"At age 18, a Young Life Counselor shared the GOOD News with me. Jesus became more than a historical figure. He became my Lord and Savior." - Pat, Florida

"I grew up attending church from as early as I can remember. Some of my earliest memorable moments of Jesus and Christianity becoming real to me were while attending Christian summer camps. I would have been elementary age, and I distinctly remember sitting around the nightly campfire listening to a woman who was dressed up like a missionary sharing “her” stories of Jesus moving through the various missionaries’ lives that she would beautifully impersonate. These stories stuck with me and provided concrete “evidence” of a powerful and loving God who desired for us to go through life with Him; and a God who desired to both use us and allow us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I eventually gave my life to Jesus while sitting on my bedroom floor, talking and praying with my parents around the age of 7." - Steve, Pennsylvania