As Global Disciples, we see the three aspects of training as interlocking parts in a greater strategy, a Multiplying Churches Strategy.

Discipleship-mission training prepares the disciple to be a disciple-maker, equipped to go and make disciples and plant a church.

Small business training provides the new church planter with a means of support, and a way to gain access or have a presence in a community unreached with the Gospel.

Leadership training ensures the efforts of the church planter, and the new fellowship established, can grow and mature spiritually under Christ-like leaders and mentors.

At every level, the Body of Christ can multiply both believers and new churches. This is the Multiplying Churches Strategy at work!

A cluster or group of churches can begin with any training track, and add the others as they see success. When we see all three trainings working together, we also see significant and lasting multiplication and impact.

The Global Disciples model is…

Locally Owned

All discipleship-mission and leadership programs are owned and operated by indigenous local churches. Global Disciples requires at least 3 churches (congregations, fellowships, denominations, etc.) to launch and fund a training program. This promotes local accountability, increases potential for support, and broadens the level of engagement. Program directors and master trainers are selected from the supporting churches and then trained by Global Disciples.

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The discipleship-mission and leadership model can be reproduced by those who’ve participated in the training. So “graduates” who plant churches can reproduce the discipleship-mission training with the new believers in their churches, equipping and sending out a new “wave” of disciple-making church planters. A growing number of Global Disciples-affiliated programs now have “daughter” programs, and even a few “granddaughter” programs. This facilitates rapid multiplication and increases impact.

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Locally Susstainable

All programs affiliated with Global Disciples are supported primarily through their local church. Leadership programs are self-funded from the beginning; discipleship-mission programs are fully supported by local resources within 4 years. The indigenous local cluster or group of churches supports the program by providing 51% of the first year’s budget. Once that’s met, Global Disciples offers seed funds for the remaining 49%. Each year, the percentage contributed locally increases, and the percentage from Global’s seed funds decreases. By the 4th year, all funds come from the local churches and supporting partners.

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