Host at Your Church

Your church is invited to worship with the global Body of Christ through NationsWorship. Because worshiping God together is what we need now, more than ever.

You’ll celebrate with worship leaders, artists, and musicians from around the world as we share the language of heaven and worship as one.

And through this experience you will:

  • Broaden an understanding of worship as we blend diverse expressions
  • Renew a vision for missions and urgency of reaching the least-reached
  • Grow in unity as we worship before the throne of God.

Add your voices as we celebrate with expressions of worship from Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Host a gathering at your church, according to your local health and safety guidelines.

  • Live at 7:30 pm (US-EST) on November 20.

Or host your own NationsWorship event on a date after November 20.

  • Your own live worship
  • Global Disciples provides international video from the Nov 20 stream, with the script and step-by-step instructions
  • Create flyers and posts with NationsWorship templates

To host a live NationsWorship broadcast at your church on November 20, 7:30 pm (US-EST), register here.

To host your own NationsWorship event after November 20 with your own live worship, Email Bonnie at

Your worship or creative arts teams are encouraged to enter their own video submissions by September 30.  Submission guidelines are here.


Questions? Our Global Disciples NationsWorship team is ready to help. Email Bonnie at